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  Syko Redhead
  Manchester, CT

August 11, 2003

I moved

Well, I recently moved to Manchester, CT, and I can assure you that this is my absolute last move. I moved 10 days ago and still haven't completely finished unpacking. Read my livejournal for more up to date news.

June 6,2003

I did it

I dont believe I did it, but I finally broke down and got a livejournal account. It can be viewed at http://www.livejournal.com/users/ctstalker/

May 29, 2003

Here's a shocker

I changed jobs again. Terminix were the most evil jerks possible, with countless incidents of sexual harassment. It was a mutual leaving. In the meantime, Transwestern Publishing had asked me to come work for them again to do scheduling, graphic design, calling...a catch all for all the stuff that an outside rep has to do inside the office. It's basically me and this guy Bob working the entire South Central book. I get lots of privacy and tons of perks. They gave me a trip to this nice bed and breakfast called the Seven Hills Inn and a $100 gift certificate to a nice Italian restaurant as a sign on bonus. Oh yeah...i got a KITTIE His name is Oliver and he's the sweetest, most affectionate, loving cat ever. More pictures to come. I got my baby, a Fuji 2600, stolen, and as an early b-day present, Jeremy got me this pimp ass Fuji 3800 which I absolutely love. Isn't he great? You know you're jealous.

May 11, 2003


Hmm, lets see, I'm moving to Enfield in September with Teeni and Jeremy. Probably into this place called Crossroads apartments. I'm looking for 2-3 bedroom townhouses, lemme know if you know of any. Let's see. It was Jeremy's 21st birthday on April 28, make sure you wish him happy birthday. Now we can have booze. Nothing else too interesting. I'm now working for Terminix doing outside sales.

March 1, 2003

An Update?

Is this an update? What's that? I completely revamped my site, I added thumbnails to all my pictures, and updated all sorts of crap. The best part right now is the Photography section, the rest is just regular ol' updates. Have fun!

February 3, 2003

SO I got this new job as an account exec at transwestern publishing, and it's going really good. Hopefully I'll keep it, but in the beginning it's really long hours. Uhm...oh yeah...ACE (my hubbie) put up a webcam for some reason, and he's making me advertise it so people can look at his forehead while he plays cs all day. He's strange. Anyway, it can be found at ima.haxor.ca. That's all for now.

December 11, 2002
Merry Xmas

Well Merry Christmas to all my visitors (not that I have any). As you can tell I now have the internet back. I put it in my pocket. I'm revamping the site, and since I don't believe in scripts, it might take a little while cuz I get to hand code embedded tables forever. Anyway, you won't see updates in awhile. I don't know why I keep this site up. I'm just talking to myself. Oh well. New Years Eve party at my crib. Yo. Got a new job. No more Teletech!!! Working as an account exec for transwestern publishing.

September 10, 2002
BIG changes!

OK, two things are annoying me right now. 1. I'm at work, and 2. I'm editing this page with the html editor included with this stupid hosting place. Nope...No notepad. I betcha this will fsck up my whole site now. Stupid HTML maker things. Anyway. Why am I editing this from work? Because I dont have fsking internet access at home. Why do I not have internet access at home? Because I MOVED!!!! YAY!!! I finally moved out of my parents house to a quaint little town right outside of Amherst called "Sunderland." I live in the Squire Village Apartments. I dont know anyone there, (for those who don't know I used to live in New Britian, CT.) I'm sad because I'm bored. Teeni can only come up so often cuz the stupid b*tch had to start college, and no one else from down there is really worth seeing. Most people dont even have my new number. It's just wonderful to finally be out on my own. Jer lives with me and we also live with this kid Jeff who I met through work. He thinks we're psycho sex fiends. That's ok. Anyway, I'll post tons of pictures and update this more later. Maybe even *gasp* write a new story or poem or something to dust off the writing section of this site. Email me if you're from the area and let me know what there is to do there.

May 31, 2002
Two in a day!

I'm boycotting Net-hampster.org. Notice I didn't even make that a link. My fiance STOLE my code and F*cked it up and turned it into his site, and then said that his is better because he actually has content. I HAVE CONTENT! over 100 MBs of it. This really pisses me off too cuz now he thinks he's some kind of web designer cuz he can edit other people's code. Anyway, he linked to this chic's site before he linked to mine, still doesn't have a link up to my site. Apparently he likes her more than me. At least she has content. I hate women. and men.

May 31, 2002
Finally an update!

Ok, got a new job working for Microwarehouse. Um...my parents did lots of new things to the house, Bucky got sprayed by the skunk, and i went to Rhode Island. My life for the past month is basically summarized in this picture show. I recomment at least 1024 x 768 to view.

April 30, 2002

I've been so full of sloth lately. SOOO many updates but once again don't feel like putting them in. I can't wait til i start work at teletech. It was Ace's birthday on the 28th. The big 2-0. Wow. I hate how everyone else is gonna be 21 before me. UGH! Nothing else that's too interesting for now. I PROMIE the site will be totally revamped within 2 weeks. not that anyone goes here anyway!

April 16, 2002

I'd just like everyone to know that it's hot. I dont like this. i have updates but it's far too hot to try to code them in.

March 11, 2002

Haven't updated in awhile, mainly because I have no steady hosting. NESIT is pretty much dead. It's pretty depressing. ACE moved in with me at my parents house. They invited him. He's another source of frustration, but I think things will work out. Lots of stuff to move and all. I'm missing the ECLUG meeting tonight because of stupid gas money and lack of. That makes me even more mad. Hmm...what else? I got a hampster and two mice. Will post pics when I get the energy. Most of what I've been doing is moving his stuff in here. Got new speakers, for whatever that's worth. I'm getting a new desk as soon as my income tax comes back. I'll post after pictures of my room as well. Later. This isn't one of my best updates :) It just occured to me that NO BODY reads this site. If you actually are reading this right now, please e-mail me and let me know this isn't all in vain. Although I won't be uploading this yet cuz I have no place to upload to. UGH. Did I mention that?

February 18, 2002
Lotsa pictures

I got bored and decided to scan in alot of pictures from when I was a kid. I did so many that instead of listing off every single new picture in the main page, I made an Updates page. Now whenever I do updates, I'll talk about it here, but list the new files in there so you don't have to search for them. Also, you can see them by date in case you missed a few updates. This brings me to another point. I'll start a mailing list for whenever I update my page. No one's really gonna subscribe to it, so it'll be small, but if you'd like to be added to it, email me at CTStalker@yahoo.com and I'll add you.
Hmm...what else? I went to a Cogan Fair this weekend and got a new computer for my mom. I also finally got a CD Burner. BACKUPS!!!
I also went to an ECLUG meeting a few weeks ago. I was really impressed. They were all intelligent people and were very nice. I watched a demonstration of VMWare, and even got a free penguin. After that we talked about Linux world, how Microsoft is destroying the world, and all sorts of neat things...Uhm.. .I finally get a door in my office at Compu-tech. My ceiling used to leak, but now it doesn't, so I could move my desk wherever I wanted. I'll take a picture of it later, but I'm rather proud. For Valentine's day, ACE got me some lilies (my favorite flower) and laminated a leaf in the shape of a heart. That's about it. Oh yeah, I created a Ghost Hunting page so I could explain the picture directory Haunt better. File directory listings aren't working right now, so you'll get an access denied error right now. It will go away.

February 6, 2002

Wow, I finally have hosting, what a great feeling, currently I am hosted off of Nesit.org, instead of stupid 0catch (burn in hell!!) And this server allows directory listings. W00t frickin W00t. Anyway, I'm just waiting to have stalked.net forward to this site and I'll be all set.
Alrighty, other site updates and personal news.

  • I was recently elected one of three leaders to NESIT. That was a great feeling.
  • I went to linuxworld. I took a quick picture and put it up here
  • I went to the Academy's alumni day. It was great, I got to see all my friends from last year. It made me feel bad, I think I'll do some more writing. Pictures of scattered alumni are here, and here.
  • This isn't really news, but I took a picture of a weird burger king sign. It's up here
  • I took some pictures of this new place I work at called Rossi Metal. I love the building. I uploaded them to a new folder
  • And I also did some quick updates to the personality and technology pages. If you're too lazy to read them, guess what folks? There's a new directory in town and it's called Uplink. Go to technology and find out what it's all about...NOW!
January 4, 2002
Big BIG Updates

January 3, 2002
Well, you know, I wanted to catalog my pictures better, which turned more into a massive frontal assault on my website, which turned more into a way to drive me insane. I just ran out of time. So, here's the new and improved design on my site. I put up actual content, and decided to leave the pictures alone. You can access them by going to the pictures directory. But I think that the server catalogs them better than me. I'll be posting updates soon about what's new on the site, but until now, just check it out.

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